Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why did UTG form?
To unite the industry in relation to having a stronger voice to ensure the right transformation, change and disrupt the current operating environment. Collaborate with strong voices to reduce red tape for compliance and to assist the front-line professional operators and drivers. Many tears of experience combined with futile efforts in the past to being a group together has been the guidance of our group. We have a willingness to support the industry that lays deep within our culture.

2. Who are we?
Likeminded people who have a passion for the transport industry and who understand the road blocks that are in place for road transport to operate in a smooth uncomplex manner. We are passionate to have transformation, changes and disruption to improve all our work environments.

3. What will we be doing to help industry?
Working closely with all our members to understand what are the issues in industry that require changes. We will also work in collaboration with union, government and associated agencies to make transformation. Assisting in the application process for regulatory requirements and assisting businesses to comply with their individual CoR duty.

4. Who should join?
Anyone who works in road transport industry and wants to see a difference within the transport industry.

5. What happens to the money?
All membership fees will be utilised for the betterment of the industry. Provide real time support for those in need and support. The members will get to decide what community projects are funded from UTG.

6. What structures will be used to hear every person in the industry voices?
A board of directors has been established with the overarching empowerment of the group CEO. We have a structure in place to allow all the diverse industry sectors to meet with us fortnightly and provide input to the real operation issues that require lobbying and changes.Document Controlled only when in Master Document List

7. What will UTG be doing to increase young drivers joining the industry?
UTG will be actively seeking industry representative organisations as well as state and federal RTO for the implementation of a Traineeship or Apprentice based scenario in line with all associated training practices for the engagement of the younger generation. Industry skills shortage and attraction of new professionals is very important to us at UTG

8. Who are we targeting to join us at UTG?
We are targeting all people in transport sector, given 80% are not currently in any other association/union/groups, this is critical for them to join us to help with changes and absolutely has a voice to push changes in the trucking environment.

9. Does the industry need complete transformation, change and disruption to improve?
The complexities and onerous document trail under CoR are extremely high, pressure back on drivers and transport businesses has never been higher, with in prison penalties. It is hard to see what changes have improved transport in last decade at minimum. The current format of the transport industry is based on a Neanderthal vision with no leeway for the real-life impacts of the professional operator that spends so much time away from their families for reward that is penalised for simple clerical errors. In a nut shell if a secretarial pool makes a mistake the course is retrain to keep. An honest mistake buy a professional operator can cost them half their wage.

10. How will this happen?
Voices from industry discussions/questionnaires collated and provided upward to government, with high numbers of members to apply pressure, by honest and open reviews with regulatory agencies.

11. How is UTG different from other industry groups or associations?
We care, we all drive heavy vehicles, so we understand completely.

12. Does high level research need to happen in the industry with our members from all levels and aspects of transport sector?
If you look at the high level research that costs the industry millions with a result always being of no result. Well yes there needs to be the research but with a different audience, ground up from everyone.

13. Will UTG be playing a strong leadership platform into government regulation

YES, we will put forward many recommendations from industry.

14. How will UTG lobby to government?

15. What will we lobby for change?
Partiality and fairness, CoR intent to work across the entire chain not just drivers and transport owners. Members chose with a collective voice what changes should be pushed for in lobbying.

16. Will UTG be making recommendations of what industry need changed to operate in a less red tape environment?
UTG will absolutely be making strong recommendations on what changes need to be fulfilled. UTG will be ISO certified and in a position to assist real change in relation to the environment in relation to the transport industry.

17. How will UTG represent Drivers to government reform?
UTG understand truck drivers have different pressures to be represented for reform.

18. How will UTG represent owner drivers and trucking businesses to government
UTG understand owner operators & businesses have a raft of changes that need to be addressed to be a sustainable cost-efficient industry sector.

19. How will the Industry Specific Groups (ISG) work?
The ISG groups will meet fortnightly via phone or video conferencing to discuss issues with joint unity of subject matter experts from UTG across the relevant ISG.

20. Why has UTG formed the ISG model?
One model will not fit all industry diversification across transport operations, therefore the ISG model will capture entire industry sector issues, but also focus on industry specific group issues for the sectors. To ensure collaboration across all sectors of the Transport industry.

21. How will the information from ISG be presented to government?
Through joint collaboration and open frank discussion, strong data analysis to ensure the number of members have a true voice for changes.

22. What are the future plans for our young driver ISG?

To encourage the younger generation to actively seek employment within the transport industry across all sectors. With a well-planned skills formation to
ensure all the skills are taught to younger professionals.

23. What will UTG be doing to support industry in truck accidents?
Provide a full investigative service to discover the root cause of the incidents. Liaise with persons involved and provide support for affected families. UTG can act as the government authority liaison for transport companies when under huge pressure and scrutiny after an accident occurs.

24. What can UTG offer our business or drivers with compliance and regulations?
An informative review and audit service of their individual business process to ensure they are aligned with the NHVL. It is what we have in the industry at the moment so we all need ensure we are compliant under Chain of Responsibility.

25. Will UTG become a strong training arm and broker for improving and influencing HV licences?
Yes we will engage trainers with high level experience, and all new drivers are provided with strong hands on knowledge to be safe on our roads.

26. Will UTG become a strong training provider for all aspects of Transport and Logistics?
We have expressions of interest from people who retain a current industry authority card. In QLD this card enables these person to upgrade to an MC licence with the appropriate level of training from real life experienced operators.

27. Will UTG become a strong training and collaboration facilitator for Consignors and Consignees to learn transport operations better?
Yes it is critical that after a number of years of CoR being part of transport environment on a daily basis, that the chain works effectively, as UTG have
identified gaps of knowledge and understanding from consignors/consignees to that of a truck driver and transport business.