Our Objective

Objective is to ensure every truck driver & transport business has a voice to be united for Reform of Transport Industry Sector

Why We Formed This Group for Industry?

Estimated with over 200,000 truck drivers nationally – UTG will provide a strong leadership platform for low cost membership to represent everyone to government with the intention of Reform and Transformation for HV Compliance.
Estimated that 80% are not in any Associations or Unions (so no representation) power of united industry can help government achieve better operating conditions for entire industry sector.
Regulations are complex, inconsistent within jurisdictions, and have multiple variations in regulations crossing boarders to jurisdictions.
Chain of Responsibility is heavily still focussed on the responsibility being enforced onto drivers, with consignors and consignees currently with extremely low enforcement or low prosecutions – the intent of CoR was prosecutions within entire chain – seems to focus on drivers and transport companies.
Fatigue has very limited flexibility with extremely high fines – work diaries are robust to use and, in some cases, attracts fines for non-fatigue mistakes (spelling name of locations wrong) should Standard hours be abolished? Minimum of hour exemption on hours to get to a Fatigue Management Rest location (s) for long breaks –e.g. Home, Service Centre, Depot.
Routes and vehicle combinations are adhoc and extremely expensive to change Prime Mover and Trailer registrations combinations to suit variations in transport operations on demands from customers.
Over Size and Over Mass – vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, time to get permits is too long, time consuming completing applications and complex, so if a route is approved why should Class 1 Period Permits exist at all.


Who Are We?

We are a group of like minded passionate transport people from industry & government to lead a new transport industry group creating a strong voice to influences major changes for a sustainable industry

What We Will Do For Transport Industry

We aim to bring together drivers, owner operators, transport businesses to have
Strong United Voice’.

Why Unite Together?

Reform, over regulated, high pressure transport sector is over due for sustainability & transformation –Power is in numbers together.

How Can We Help Each Other?

Estimated 80% drivers, owner operators, transport business have no voice & not a member of any lobby group. Join us to prioritise issues to work with government on your behalf reducing red tape for transport complexities.

How Can You Help?

Join us to give the power of numbers to unite for a stronger voice of influence to make changes- we all know its broken – nation was built on transport without us nation stops.

Join as a Member Today

United with Truck Drivers and Other Transport Businesses