Our Objective

Objective is to ensure every truck driver & transport business has a voice to be united for Reform of Transport Industry Sector

Why we formed this group for industry:

    •  Estimated over 200,000 truck drivers nationally –UTG will provide a strong leadership platform for low cost membership to represent everyone to government with the intention of Reform and Transformation for HV Compliance.
    •  Estimated that 80% are not in any Associations or Unions (so no representation) power of united industry can help government achieve better operating conditions for entire industry sector.
    •  Regulations are complex, inconsistent within jurisdictions, and have multiple variations in regulations crossing boarders to jurisdictions.
    •  Chain of Responsibility is heavily still focussed on the responsibility being enforced onto drivers, with consignors and consignees currently with extremely low enforcement or low prosecutions – the intent of CoR was prosecutions within entire chain – seems to focus on drivers and transport companies.
    •  Fatigue has very limited flexibility with extremely high fines – work diaries are robust to use and, in some cases, attracts fines for non-fatigue mistakes (spelling name of locations wrong) should Standard hours be abolished? Minimum of hour exemption on hours to get to a Fatigue Management Rest location (s) for long breaks –e.g. Home, Service Centre, Depot.
    •  Routes and vehicle combinations are adhock and extremely expensive to change Prime Mover and Trailer registrations combinations to suit variations in transport operations on demands from customers.
    •  Over Size and Over Mass – vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, time to get permits is too long, time consuming completing applications and complex, so if a route is approved why should Class 1 Period Permits exist at all.