Our Mission

Bringing the industry together to provide a strong representation and voice to have an impact on decision making impacts to transport sector, creating a sustainable united industry sector for the future.

  • Bring everyone together in transport so there is a ‘one stop shop’ for support and as a powerful voice to government for better operating conditions, less regulations, reductions in fines & sustainable industry changes in regulations to provide fairness for operations.
  • Work with government to provide them with qualitative and quantitative data to change and influence decision making for regulations – Over haul and Transformation is long overdue – stress levels are very high in a very competitive industry sector.
  • One of the highest regulated industry sectors in the nation with extremely high fines – changes are required immediately.
  • Sea, Air and Rail freight are co-dependent on road freight, so the road freight sector requires easier and less complexities for high volume freight strategies to be achievable.
  • Over regulated, rate irregular and some cases long payment periods (90 days), inconsistent enforcement, CoR not working across entire chain, Fatigue Management is micro-managed at a driver, education and licences require reform, lack of attraction for young entrants into transport profession, fines are extremely high, sub-contractors are treated as drivers but hold all costs and responsibilities –not a fair playing platform in many cases.