Darren Delaney

Executive Advisory Team / Survey Manager / Road Safety Expert / QLD

Truck Driver

Darren Delaney started in the trucking industry in 1988 with a Mack Superliner pulling a triple; a  million kilometres later, he added the Sydney Olympic Games, the Navy and Airforce to an already extensive list of over-dimensional, specialised and sensitive freight. Being medically retired Darren stepped into transport operations and learnt the other side of the industry, where he started to negotiate contracts, investigate accidents and introduced numerous practices that were intended to make sure every truckie went home at the end of the trip.

Darren is an industry expert in heavy vehicles and supply chain logistics, specialising in transportation, regulatory compliance, investigation practices, transport research and finding new ways to address many of the issues that the industry is well known for. Based in Brisbane, he is a keen and active member on many industry boards and committees while working on an accident investigation framework that can shift the investigation away from the blame culture and show that there is more to an accident than just two minutes before the driver and the truck collided with something.