Ivan Cikara

Executive Advisory Team / CoR Expert / WA

PhD Candidate, Masters in Occupational Health and Safety, Masters in Business Administration, Advanced Diploma Public Safety (Investigations), Advanced Diploma Government, Cert IV Rail Safety Investigations (Central Queensland University)

Brief Bio: Ivan is a PhD Candidate at Central Queensland University studying the impacts of the heavy vehicle national law on the heavy vehicle transport industry, specifically the investigative methodologies used in heavy vehicle fatal crash investigations.

Ivan has over 30 years’ experience working in both the Government and private sectors. This includes working in Policing where the main focus of his duties were in fatal crash investigations. Ivan’s career continued into investigations management in the medical and health industry as well as safety management in the maritime, rail, mining and oil and gas sectors and then as a national senior Group Safety management role in heavy vehicle transport. Ivan has worked as the Manager of Safety Investigations for the transport sector in State Government and now has a Director’s role in Federal Government.