Jonathan Wang

Treasurer / Regulatory Advisor / Technical Support / WA

Truck Driver

Born and raised in Western Australia and I spent a lot of time on my Grandparents farms on weekends. There I learnt so much about not only rural life but how to fix all things mechanical and electrical.

After school I became an electronics technician and worked in the rock ‘n roll industry doing lighting for all the big concerts in Perth and yes I met a lot of celebrities. Some awesome people and some not so awesome.

In 1990 I was retrenched as we went through a very quiet patch and it was there I got a job as a motorcycle courier, riding my way around the Perth CBD. This turned out to be a great job. After a couple of years I got a job in the office as the despatch guy. From there I worked in a few other transport companies, in and out of the office.

2008 I went back to Uni as I thought I would like to try electronics again but the whole time I was studying, I kept thinking about how much I love the transport game.

Therefore in 2010 I got my MC license and started in the big trucking game. Since then I now have experience with side tippers, end tippers, pressurised tankers, floats. Nowadays I’m pretty well just general freight and absolutely loving it. I might like computers and stuff but driving trucks is my passion.

A friend and I started the Road Trains Australia page and group in 2012 and soon after the group Transport & Truck Jobs Australia.